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Paul McCrickard : Elder

Paul McKMy wife Pat and I live in Hampton with our two wonderful (of course we think so) sons, Steven, and Aaron. Between the two of them, we have endured 6 years of funding college and still have 2 more to go! After that we get to enter the next phase of our lives -becoming empty nesters. We will really miss our sons, but not the tuition bills!

I had the privilege of being part of the elder board at Lifesource Community Church when we were approached by Freedom Life about sharing our facility. It wasn’t long before God put it on our hearts to dedicate ourselves and the property to what He was going to do in Freedom Life church. It has been a wonderful journey and each year I look forward to what God is going to do next.

I’m employed at Newport News Shipbuilding as an electrician and work some crazy hours. Through my employer I am able to attend Strayer University and work toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Security with a minor in Networking. Yes I am a geek!

When I am not working or at church then most likely I will be playing soccer or enjoying some down time in front of the television. I also enjoy cooking, usually Italian or Mexican dishes. We also enjoy getting on the water and riding our jet skis and vacationing in the Outer Banks.

Carrie Pollock : Elder

Carrie PMore than a quarter of a century – that’s how long I have been married to Ernie – I just love saying that!! During that time we have been blessed with two incredible young men we get to call our children, John and Ricky. Ernie and I live in Hampton, and unlike me, my husband is one of those rare people that are actually FROM here! However, since I’ve lived here 30 years and I’m from just up the road around the Richmond area, I can almost claim Hampton as my home town.We have been a part of Freedom Life since the doors opened in 2004 (actually that was the rest of my family – I took a couple of months to complete a commitment elsewhere). We knew Freddy from a previous church and so that was our initial connection to Freedom Life, but it was the message of Grace that changed our lives and keeps us coming back for more! I absolutely LOVE being a part of a church where I feel comfortable inviting ANYONE – as Freedom Life is a “melting pot” of people.

I became an Elder in March of 2010. I enjoy being associated with a leadership that don’t take themselves too seriously, but take their passion for The Lord very seriously! Its how “Work” gets done!!
Spending time with my family (immediate and “extended”) is my all-time favorite thing – I just love people, and I love making new friends! Any chance I get to have a good conversation, a good laugh or a good hug, I’m a happy camper!

Random Facts: I get goose bumps every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner played; I really enjoy Greek yogurt and cake with butter cream frosting (but not together); going fast on the open water and playing Phase 10 and Catch Phrase.

Gary Randall : Elder

Gary RMy wife Phyllis and I live in Hampton; well we actually live right behind the Hampton Campus. We have one daughter Lindsay, one son-in-law Sean, and one granddaughter Madison. You can ask us later how much we love being grandparents.

In the mid 90’s I had a chance to hear a 19 year old kid name Freddy Villarreal preach a sermon at his church. I was so impressed by his message I approached him after the service and told him if he ever started a church I would love to help him put that together. Well, In May of 2004 Pastor Freddy informed me he wanted to start a new church in Hampton and said he was taking me up on my offer. So I became the second covenant partner of Freedom Life Church. About a year later I was elected by the church to serve as one of Freedom Life’s Elders. I love my church and I believe God has a plan for the local church and Freedom Life. It is still His method for reaching the lost and hurting, building disciples and sending workers out to develop His kingdom. This is why I attend FLC.When I am away from the church, you can find me behind a video camera shooting a wedding. I have my own videography business and love to capture just about anything on film. I also love going to Williamsburg with my wife. That is our getaway place.

Random Facts: I have one of the oldest pairs of Nike shoes ever made. I have one tattoo, don’t want any more. I have had a hole-in-one in golf

Lewis Smith: Elder

1374861_10151698454001616_1094978942_nThis year I was thrilled to be confirmed as an Elder and to have the opportunity to work and learn from people I admire, in a church that has meant so much to me and my family. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I have way more than that for this crew! My family is by far the best thing that I have! I’m the goofy old guy on the left. My daughter Mara is currently at Phoebus High School (By the way, all of our kids went there. Can you name our two pastors who also did?) Rebecca and Quint are the newlyweds – both recent college graduates and in the Army. Next is my wife Susan – of 25 years – (believe me… that is a lot of me to put up with!) and our son Max who is currently at CNU. I’m a CPA / Finance type who works for BayPort Credit Union. My wife and I both grew up in Hampton and graduated from Hampton High School. Most of our time is spent with our family enjoying our kids’ friends and activities. I love to be outdoors enjoying nature! Beach, mountains, golf, kids athletic events, you name it!

Random Facts: I love running and have done several marathons including the Boston Marathon. I learned to juggle when I was bored and stuck indoors while in junior high school with pneumonia. (Did I mention I love the outdoors?) My son Max and I just started playing an Irish sport called Hurling (Google it...) I’m a big fan of technology and gadgets. If that’s not nerdy enough -- I like learning new vocabulary via notifications from my “Word of the Day” app.