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March 7, 2015 | by: Freddy Villarreal | 0 Comments

The Fast and Furious

Life can feel like a blur sometimes - like we are speeding down the road trying our best to avoid obstacles and not end up upside down in a ditch. When life feels like this, how do we slow down enough to connect with God? All throughout scripture we are taught about the spiritual practice of fasting- choosing to abstain from eating and drinking certain things for a season of intentional prayer. If you have never understood the purpose of fasting, or how it can empower us to grab hold of God in the midst of chaos, be sure to join us for this series! During this month we will also have two very neat things happening. First, we will be invited to participate in a 21 day church-wide fast together in preparation for Easter! Second, Freddy's mentor pastor, Scott Chapman, will be flying down from Chicago to share part 3 of this series on the weekend of March 14-15th! Be sure to join us this month as God draws us all into a new place of Freedom!

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